Review: Orphaned Land – ‘All Is One’

Certainly, Orphaned Land are now Israel’s biggest heavy metal band. When the five-piece released last album ‘The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR’ in 2010, it seemed like the band were entering an even bigger phase of their careers. If anything, the quintet’s fifth studio album gives us a sense that their popularity could inflate even more in the coming years. Orphaned Land maintain their important message of peace in ‘All Is One’ and convey it with a charismatic multicultural mash-up of beautiful folk instrumentation, concise melodic metal and a grandiose orchestral backing.

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Review: Clutch – ‘Earth Rocker’

Clutch can be considered a proud part of American rock history. As the four-piece enter their 23rd year together, they hit the precious milestone of album number ten with ‘Earth Rocker’ and prove that they’re still doing what they do, to an exceptional standard. But what exactly do Clutch do?

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Interview with Shagrath about Chrome Division

This is an interview I did with Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath that was never published. I’m publishing it on here for people to hear what he had to say to me about his side-project Chrome Division. The interview dates from 14th April 2011.

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Bedouin Soundclash – Light The Horizon – Review

Toronto’s Bedouin Soundclash release fourth album Light The Horizon in the UK for the first time and, as the title would suggest, there’s a silver lining in every cloud with this one. It’s an uplifting, foot-tapper perfect to just zone out, chill out, kick back, meditate – whatever you find peaceful solace in.

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Joe Satriani – Review

@ Newcastle City Hall, October 21 2010

Let the guitar do the talking is Joe Satriani’s ideology, and even if his guitar were a gossiping fishwife with a serious case of verbal diarrhoea, I think we’d still listen for hours. Sporting his trademark shades and enough guitars to collectively break the sound barrier, Satriani and his professional crew showed that they are firmly able to deliver both quantity and quality, with a lengthy and fearsome performance at Newcastle City Hall.

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