Review: Killswitch Engage – ‘Disarm the Descent’

Last year, Killswitch Engage announced that Howard Jones had left the band. The singer – who had been with the US five-piece for nine-years – left a great legacy among Killswitch fans, but it was a twist in the tale that many weren’t quite expecting. So you can imagine their surprise when original vocalist Jessie Leach – who performed on Killswitch’s seminal debut album – stepped in to fill the enigmatic frontman’s shoes.

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Marionette – Nerve – Review

Third album in, Sweden’s Marionette find themselves sailing down more accessible musical tributaries with ‘Nerve’.  You’ve heard plenty of Swedish melodeath in the past – so what sets this sextet apart from the reams of Gothenburg acts?  Well, what defined Marionette on their two previous records was their astute concentration on melody – a focus we were aware of that could bring a more mainstream broth to the boil.

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