Feature: Orphaned Land – Yearning For Peace

For Orphaned Land singer Kobi Farhi, the band is his life. The five-piece act from Israel are the country’s biggest heavy metal band now and that’s quite simply down to 22 years of hard work. Like the true greats of metal, they play with passion and move to new heights with each new release – the latest being fifth album, ‘All Is One’.

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Review: Orphaned Land – ‘All Is One’

Certainly, Orphaned Land are now Israel’s biggest heavy metal band. When the five-piece released last album ‘The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR’ in 2010, it seemed like the band were entering an even bigger phase of their careers. If anything, the quintet’s fifth studio album gives us a sense that their popularity could inflate even more in the coming years. Orphaned Land maintain their important message of peace in ‘All Is One’ and convey it with a charismatic multicultural mash-up of beautiful folk instrumentation, concise melodic metal and a grandiose orchestral backing.

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Live Review: Leave Me Here Presents – All-Dayer of Metal

Not many people could complain about the lack of music events across the UK on the last weekend of April. While hordes of metalheads descended on Camden for the three-day Desertfest and others gathered at ‘Kin Hell Festival in Leeds, Newcastle was offering its own little slice of metal chaos in the form of Leave Me Here’s All-Dayer of pulverising metal…

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Review: Killswitch Engage – ‘Disarm the Descent’

Last year, Killswitch Engage announced that Howard Jones had left the band. The singer – who had been with the US five-piece for nine-years – left a great legacy among Killswitch fans, but it was a twist in the tale that many weren’t quite expecting. So you can imagine their surprise when original vocalist Jessie Leach – who performed on Killswitch’s seminal debut album – stepped in to fill the enigmatic frontman’s shoes.

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Interview with Saille

Belgian black metallers Saille first appeared on our radars when they released debut album ‘Irreversible Decay’ in 2011. The symphonic sextet are reappearing on our radars again in 2013, not as a mere metallic blip on the horizon, but as a cyclonic force, with the strength of unstoppable second record ‘Ritu’ backing them. I interviewed vocalist Dennie grondelaers, guitarist Reinier Schenk and founder/keyboardist Dries Gaerdelen about ancient paganism, death rites and the recording of a masterpiece.

Darkthrone – ‘The Underground Resistance’ – Review

For a band best renowned for their involvement and substantial contribution to Norwegian black metal in the ‘90s, Darkthrone have journeyed a diverse musical path that has unreservedly strayed into all sorts of metal and punk. From their early death metal ambitions to frost-bitten venomous black metal and eventual relay into crusty traditional heavy metal, Darkthrone have an appreciation for heavy metal in all its forms and clearly don’t care what ‘kvlt’ keyboard warriors might have to say about their sonic expansions. For Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, it’s all part of the same pizza, so why take one slice when you can try them all?

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Dordeduh – Dar De Duh – Review

The unsavoury departure of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur from Negura Bunget served as quite a blow for fans of the Romanian act in 2009. Allegedly, the duo wished to disband Negura Bunget and thus left when drummer Negru wanted to continue. The resulting collaboration of their exit was Dordeduh.

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