Interview with Fenriz of Darkthrone

From one-time cold black metal to crusty heavy metal, Darkthrone have effortlessly skipped between the many sub-genres of metal music to carve their own legacy into the minds of horn-raising, mosh-obsessed laudits of metallic debauchery. Their sound might have changed, and so might their perspectives, but there’s one constant that the duo – comprised of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto – will always have; their burning passion and undying love for heavy metal music. With album number 15 around the corner, I interviewed Darkthrone multi-instrumentalist and co-founder, Fenriz about the band’s newest creation, ‘The Underground Resistance’.

Darkthrone - Lars Eivind Bones

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Darkthrone – ‘The Underground Resistance’ – Review

For a band best renowned for their involvement and substantial contribution to Norwegian black metal in the ‘90s, Darkthrone have journeyed a diverse musical path that has unreservedly strayed into all sorts of metal and punk. From their early death metal ambitions to frost-bitten venomous black metal and eventual relay into crusty traditional heavy metal, Darkthrone have an appreciation for heavy metal in all its forms and clearly don’t care what ‘kvlt’ keyboard warriors might have to say about their sonic expansions. For Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, it’s all part of the same pizza, so why take one slice when you can try them all?

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