Live Review: Leave Me Here Presents – All-Dayer of Metal

Not many people could complain about the lack of music events across the UK on the last weekend of April. While hordes of metalheads descended on Camden for the three-day Desertfest and others gathered at ‘Kin Hell Festival in Leeds, Newcastle was offering its own little slice of metal chaos in the form of Leave Me Here’s All-Dayer of pulverising metal…

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Gojira – Review

Gojira were a rising star in the metal world. Now, the band have surpassed ambitions to simply ‘play metal’ with their environmental themes and unique twist on technical metal gaining global notoriety. The French four-piece drop by Newcastle on a chilly Bonfire Night to kick off their UK tour in support of stunning new album ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’.

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Combichrist – Review

The last time Combichrist were in Newcastle was for their performance in July 2010 and if northerners still have their memories of the adrenaline-fuelled spectacle, then they’ll remember that it was a show of bombastic proportions. After a string of UK shows last year, the industrialists found their way back up north, but would it match the euphoria of the last occasion?

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Hawkwind – Review

After 43 years of happiness, sadness, beauty and madness, the legendary Hawkwind continue their journey through the realms of deep space to consistently come up with the goods. Dave Brock and co have a following that remains strong, and if new album ‘Onward’ is anything to go by, then there’s plenty more for this astonishing act to offer.

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Doomsday @ Trillians – Review

Dwelling in a dark basement while the sun beats down might not seem like the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon. But it’s fair to say that it was the vitamin D-leeching, surface-folk that missed out on something rather special. With the common theme all things ‘doom’, seven bands each gave us a slice of their own noise in this cracking all-day event.

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Evile – Review

@ Durham Live Lounge, October 20th 2011

Evile have been through some emotional times.  The death of friend and bassist Mike Alexander in 2009 was such a hammer-blow for the four-piece that many wondered how they’d continue.  A constant thought reoccured when watching them play their first live show in Durham – we’re glad they got through it.

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