Interview with Fenriz of Darkthrone

From one-time cold black metal to crusty heavy metal, Darkthrone have effortlessly skipped between the many sub-genres of metal music to carve their own legacy into the minds of horn-raising, mosh-obsessed laudits of metallic debauchery. Their sound might have changed, and so might their perspectives, but there’s one constant that the duo – comprised of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto – will always have; their burning passion and undying love for heavy metal music. With album number 15 around the corner, I interviewed Darkthrone multi-instrumentalist and co-founder, Fenriz about the band’s newest creation, ‘The Underground Resistance’.

Darkthrone - Lars Eivind Bones

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Interview with Caladan Brood

As far as debut records go, you won’t come across a more ambitious, polished and beautiful piece than Caladan Brood’s ‘Echoes of Battle’. The American two-piece have taken their love for fantasy-inspired black metal and built a truly immersive 71-minute masterpiece, thematically based on the ‘Malazan Book of the Fallen’ – a fictional fantasy series written by Canadian author Steven Erikson. I interview mysterious members Mortal Sword and Shield Anvil for SoundShock Webzine, to find out more on the band’s love of fantasy, Summoning and the recording of their untouchable debut album.


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Soror Dolorosa – ‘No More Heroes’ – Review

Renowned for his stints in black metal projects such as Darvulia, Peste Noire and Celestia, French drummer and vocalist Andy Julia took his love for all things cold-wave and originally formed Soror Dolorosa in 2001, alongside ex-Funeraell members Franck Ligabue, Hervé Carles and Christophe Guenot.

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Caladan Brood – ‘Echoes of Battle – Review

As far as fantasy fiction goes, English author J.R.R Tolkien will always be considered among the true greats. Tolkien’s words have lived on in the hearts of many, inspired a new age of film-making and introduced a fresh generation to the legendary author’s works. But that’s not the only legacy he left.

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Interview with Duane Denison of Tomahawk

An esteemed membership like Tomahawk’s isn’t often come by. After all, the quartet are made up of Faith No More figurehead and Mr Bungle mastermind Mike Patton, The Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison, Helmet drummer John Stanier and latest addition on bass, Trevor Dunn, who has worked extensively with John Zorn and played alongside Patton with Mr Bungle in the late ‘80s. With a full tank of inspiration, Tomahawk have rocketed to new heights with album number four, ‘Oddfellows’. I find out more from guitarist Duane Denison.

TOMAHAWK by Tim Moss

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Interview with Saille

Belgian black metallers Saille first appeared on our radars when they released debut album ‘Irreversible Decay’ in 2011. The symphonic sextet are reappearing on our radars again in 2013, not as a mere metallic blip on the horizon, but as a cyclonic force, with the strength of unstoppable second record ‘Ritu’ backing them. I interviewed vocalist Dennie grondelaers, guitarist Reinier Schenk and founder/keyboardist Dries Gaerdelen about ancient paganism, death rites and the recording of a masterpiece.

Darkthrone – ‘The Underground Resistance’ – Review

For a band best renowned for their involvement and substantial contribution to Norwegian black metal in the ‘90s, Darkthrone have journeyed a diverse musical path that has unreservedly strayed into all sorts of metal and punk. From their early death metal ambitions to frost-bitten venomous black metal and eventual relay into crusty traditional heavy metal, Darkthrone have an appreciation for heavy metal in all its forms and clearly don’t care what ‘kvlt’ keyboard warriors might have to say about their sonic expansions. For Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, it’s all part of the same pizza, so why take one slice when you can try them all?

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