Interview with Dämmerfarben

Back in 2006, German project Dämmerfarben was the work of just one man. Inspired by the beauty of nature, band founder Nostarion acquired the help of a drummer and a bassist to forge remarkable debut ‘Im Abendrot’ in 2011. The album heard melodic black metal fused with classical influences to summon a dark yet romanticised atmosphere. But in the latest phase of their existence, Dämmerfarben have added yet more members. What does it mean for the now-six-piece? SoundShock finds out…


What kind of musical background do you have?
My musical background is classical music, especially classic, romantic, renaissance and baroque, but also folklore and modern music like doom/death and black metal, rock, progressive rock, jazz and a few styles more.

There seems to be a thematic link with isolation, nature, the seasons, the elements and especially the darkness of night on your debut record.  Could you tell us a bit about what inspired you on ‘Im Abendrot’?
The concept of ‘Im Abendrot’ is the autumn with all its feelings, paleness, melancholy and yearning, but also its clarity, its wonderful atmospheres and spectacles of nature.

You’ve recently added four new members to the band – what does this mean for Dämmerfarben?  What kind of dynamic do they bring into the band with them?
The new album, we are recording now and will bring forward the concept of Dämmerfarben. We will start in an autumnal forest near the winter fields, forests and fens. This all will be underlined with some new and fitting instruments. Our new members are Emma Björling, known from the bands Kongero and Lyy on the Vocals, Magnus Holmström known from Storis and Limpan Band on nyckelharpa and kontrabasharpa and Martin Wiese known from the (German) band Enid. He will do choir-parts, accordion, keyboards and some percussion.

What influences play a part in your sound?
If you think about musical influences I can tell you that they are lying in the romantic and baroque music, in melodic black metal of the 90s, but also of the last twelve years, Scandinavian and German folklore.

We’ve heard you’re currently recording a new album.  What can you tell us about it?  Is it a stylistic continuation of ‘Im Abendrot’ or is something a little different taking shape?
Yes, that’s right. We were in studio with the new line-up and the name of the upcoming album will be “Herbstpfad” (in English ‘Autumnal Path’). In one way, you can find musical parallels to “Im Abendrot”, but in another way you can hear differences. It is difficult to paraphrase the stylistic differences between ‘Herbstpfad’ and our last album, but I’ll try. Some of the melodic black metal parts are reminiscent of those from “Im Abendrot” but the acoustic songs are a bit more folkloristic than those from the album before. Do not understand me wrong, I don’t talk about neo-folk, I talk about native Scandinavian folklore. And the metal songs contain a few more influences, for example doom/death metal as practiced by Saturnus.

Do you think you’ll tour the band sometime soon?
To answer this question is not so easy. Most of us don’t have so much time left for touring to a bigger extent, but the idea to make some concerts is in mind. Perhaps we will do a few concerts in Germany first and see how it works with the timescale. Just wait and see…

Interview by Calum Robson.


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