Inner Trip – Initiate – Review

Formed just last year, Iranian musician and graphic artist Saman N inked a deal with Fluttery Records and released debut album ’Somewhere Near The Pulse’ in December 2011. Less than a year later, the one-man electronic project known as Inner Trip has given us another inspirational album. ‘Initiate’ is a voyage into a colourful abyss; a well-dug attempt to burrow deep in the mind’s psyche.


It’s very effective too and that’s because Inner Trip is jammed with luscious overlapping melodies, refined by a clear production and effective mixing to make for essential headphone listening. New sounds flit in and out of the mix to completely overwhelm the brain and ultimately induce a relaxing yet profound inner trip. Gentle synth and piano is contrasted with temporary fluctuations of eerie, entrancing and ecstatic electronic sections to intensively massage eardrums and build a unique atmosphere.

Saman’s ambition is evident; to create cloud-destined ambience that never grounds itself until the final note finishes. And he succeeds in keeping the listener anywhere but reality. Inner Trip’s electronic diversity ensures this with a sound made up of strange samplings, symphonic strings, classical choir, psychedelic utterances and even featuring instrumentation from clarinet, mandolin and piano. There are dark vocals on occasion too – the trippy effects, strange beats and punches of psych electronica on ‘Consciousness’ are accompanied by deep vocals steeped in a curiously lulling dread and given an almost spoken word quality.

Any fan of Ulver’s experimental exploits will appreciate the ambient electronics of the project and it’s surely only a matter of time before this talented musician is appreciated on a wider scale. Assume relaxed position on the recliner chair, burn the incense, initiate ‘Initiate’, lock your eyes shut and begin.   8/10

Reviewed by Calum Robson.
Initiate is out now on Fluttery.

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