Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister – Ribs – Review

Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister might not be the kind of band name you’d easily remember if the Catch 22 novel doesn’t ring a bell. But we’d defy you forget the Newcastle-based noise act after this debut EP.


‘Ribs’ is a compelling release by the relative newcomers. It’s dirty, noisy, psychotic, sufficiently heavy and at times melodic. The five-piece open the EP with ‘Just Below the Ribs’, giving us a nice folky introduction with an underlying sense of despair like ‘Scarborough Fair’ is about to get a whole lot more fucked up. In turn, it does. And that’s exactly where the track strikes you – just below the ribs, leaving you spitting visceral bitterness of blood, all teary eyed from the vibrating drone. The gorgeous bass-line of ‘Babies’ builds menacingly with a recurring hum of electronic synth that suggests another crescendo is about to happen. And boy, do Nately’s know how to make an impact. The gentility of Radiohead influences make it almost dreamy, until the bezerk, sludgy riffs intoxicate the tune with a wild neurotic quality.

Man Outside Cumberland Arms, Byker 11/07/11’ perfectly shows the eerie potential Nately’s have with a bizarre sound sampling of, well, a rather strange sounding drunk bloke outside a pub near Newcastle. Some noisy guitar is played over what is a disturbing snippet of speech from the mysterious, inebriated character. ‘Fix My Corrections’ and nine-minute slug-fest ‘Regards, Bison’ finish the album in a drowsy haze of distortion. From this brilliantly produced, five-track EP, we can gauge that Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister are chock with fine moments and plenty of fruitful loud-quiet twists that grant them to be taken seriously as a future musical force.


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