Syven – Aikaintaite – Review

Finland’s Syven are made up of Nest multi-instrumentalist Aslak Tolonen and Ereipia’s Andy Koski-Semmens.  Full of shamanistic energy and thumping with tribal beats, the duo’s début puts the listener through a ritualistic rites of passage, into the barren wilderness of an ancient time.


Taking a leaf out of Harry Partch’s book, Tolonen’s self-built instruments give ‘Aikaintaite’ a precious atmosphere.  His melancholic plucking work on traditional Finnish kantele is a constant that we’re blessed with throughout the duration of this impressive record.  ‘Aikaintaite’ is also festooned with Nest-esque ambient keyboards and bassy vocal choir that one could imagine drifting down the hilltops from an isolated monastery.

The near 20-minute ‘Jäljet’ is an absolute stunner, followed by ‘Ne Jotka Selviävät Talvestamme’ – an equally breathtaking morph of primitive rhythm, ghostly harmonies and subtle metallic riffage that steadily rises to create electrifying crescendos.

Fans of ambient music and more specifically Nest will certainly appreciate what’s on offer here.  Essentially, ‘Aikaintaite’ is a record that can take you to another time and give anyone craving an escape, exactly that.


Reviewed by Calum Robson
Aikaintaite is out now on

You’ll like this if… your favourite albums are best enjoyed in a sweat-hut, shrouded by a dense haze of incense smoke.


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