Tenhi – Saivo – Review

Finland duo Tenhi have had five-years out to focus on making a studio album that channels the wistful moods and spiritual energies that epitomize the neofolk act.  Musical help from around the board always helps and on ‘Saivo’ there’s some beautiful arrangements that turn the album into a spiritual exploration.


What we get from ‘Saivo’ from its opening is that a dark yet tranquil atmosphere is descending upon us – a mystifying ancient feeling raised with low gloomy singing, deep choirs, sorrowful acoustic guitar and wailing violin.  It’s a hypnotic feeling that captivates from start to finish with ‘Saivon Kimallus’ pushing us gently out of the shore and into escapist depths.

‘Sateen Suoto’ takes us further into our journey with echoing monastery choir and chilling violin.  ‘Haaski’ picks up tempo with a bloom of weaving violin and dark neo-folk making it a refined highlight track while ‘Surunuotta’ stands out for different reasons.  The track is downbeat, echoing, ethereal and unfortunately short!  Much like ‘Haaski’, ‘Saviole’ is another pick up point, this time given power with emotive choirs and thumping timpani drums.  Album finisher ‘Siniset Runot’ is the band’s only track that resembles anything remotely close to the doom they once played – it’s played at doom’s pace but with overwhelming choir, minimalist tweaks of piano and acoustic guitar.

The native, natural and spiritual feel of the album runs like the peaceful Finnish fjords it seeks to describe. Tyko Saarikko and Ilmari Issakainen have created another world in their music and immersed us in it.




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