Rising – To Solemn Ash – Review

If Mastodon decided to mine a chunk of accessible rock, lug it into their sludgy sound with a less proggy attitude and bow to Baroness, we might just have ended up with Denmark’s Rising a lot earlier.  The three-piece follow on from a four-track EP and hit us with début album ‘To Solemn Ash’.


It’s an attempt that has an obvious appreciations of the aforementioned acts, but musters the deep, stirring energy of Sabbath, the psychedelic fuzz of Kylesa and all in all, results in a respectable initial record.

If you like an aggressive set of pipes with an accessible yet gruffly, raspy vocal tone to support a ripe pantheon of unrelenting riffs, then Rising are surely on the cards to join your collection.  The only fault from lead vocalist and bassist Henrik Waldemar is that his voice has rare moments that resemble Finnish shock rocker Mr Lordi in his deeper melodic grunts.  Let’s hope you have no complex getting past this, because fortunately, it’s a rarity and most of the harmonising conjured on this record is highly impressive.  ‘Sea Of Basalt’ hears the band sweat out a thumping tom-tom percussion and tumultuous riffs, while ‘Under Callous Wings’ hears the band’s minimalist attitude put to the test.  It’s fair to say that the song follows a more basic in relation to the other tracks, but is nevertheless an incredible track.   ‘Seven Riders’ slips into some classic soloing to produce a final classic-oriented intoxication and an end to ‘…Ash’.  What Rising put on offer here is essentially a solid début that offers us a cleaner, more pop-twinged package of sludge.




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