Farsot – Insects – Review

Germany is historically renowned for hosting a good wealth of successful and innovative bands – whether it’s your Van Der Graaf Generator, Kraftwerk, Kreator, Blind Guardian, Neu, Rammstein – the list is expansive.  The sound of cold, hostile black metal isn’t typically associated with the Bavarian regions, but we have an exception in Farsot.  Truth is, we can call Farsot a black metal band only in a very general sense.  Thankfully, there’s so much more going on in ‘Insects’.  Weaving progressive and dark atmospheric fibres into a blackened framework throughout this second attempt, the five-piece have created an impressively eclectic record.


‘Empyrean’ shows a distinct Enslaved nod in its clean vocal harmonising and even has slight Agalloch-esque picking, making it the best track on the record.  The soothing track of 7 is a proggy ambient break in the album that sets us up for more mighty chunks of charismatic riffing.  ‘Adamantine Chains’ is as disgruntling and noisy in its opening as it is dark and eerie in the rest of the track.  It wouldn’t surprise one to hear that these guys have a couple of Beherit albums on their shelves.  ‘Withdrawl’ shows a brief psychedelic side with wah-wah guitar work in a fine little interlude mid-song before the reflective ‘Somnolent’ finishes.  An exciting album and a step in the right direction for Farsot.




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