Iron Savior – The Landing – Review

A host of top power metal musicians have been involved with Iron Savior.  Gamma Ray wizard Kai Hansen played for five-years as Savior’s guitarist, Blind Guardian’s Thomas Stauch drummed with them for a year and sticksman Dan Zimmerman (formerly of Freedom Call and also Gamma Ray) make up their A-list of power metal clientèle.  But despite their departure more than 10 years ago and the exit of Stormzone’s Yenz Leonhardt this year, the vision of musician Piet Sielck continues with seventh album The Landing.

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Oz – Burning Leather – Review

Firstly, a big welcome back is in order.  Oz have spent just under 20-years dormant before deciding to return to the studio for a follow-up to 1991′s Roll The Dice.  Last year, drummer Mark Ruffneck (Pekka Mark), vocalist Ape De Martini and bassist Jay C. Blade (Jukka Lewis) decided to roll back the years and reformulate the Finnish heavy metal act alongside guitarist Markku Petander.

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Svolk – Svolk ‘Em All – Review

Bear metal?  Well now I’ve heard it all.  You haven’t misread – it’s the very term Norway’s Svolk are using for their music.  Apparently a mix of stoner, metal and a ‘Nordic redneck attitude’ constitutes to the coining of the term.  Trouble is, it’s not as exciting as it may initially sound.

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