Morton – Come Read The Words Forbidden – Review

We all know power metal can be outrageously melodramatic.  Rather than regulate, Ukraine’s Morton are willing to embrace this fact with a debut record that would quite frankly rival Dragonforce when it comes to the allocated ‘cheese’ budget.  Unfortunately as we also know – cheese is sometimes tasteful, sometimes bitter and on other occasions it grates.


That’s really where Morton stand on this attempt – their dramatics are blown-up and slightly on the ridiculous side.  It wouldn’t be such a bad thing usually – after all, we all like a bit of Rhapsody Of Fire fantasy or Hammerfall’s bravado antics.  The problem with Come Read The Words Forbidden is that it lacks any hooks or charisma that register with the ear to make this a memorable debut.

Calling For The Storm begins the record quite promisingly with big synths and Angra-esque harmonies on a musical backing of guitar duelling.  However second track Eaglemark makes for boring listening with a predictable chorus.  Black Witch begins on a note that suggests a bit of hard rock has crept in here, but essentially the verses are terribly bland largely down to the repetitious chord progressions shifting up and down the scale.

A less technical Dragonforce – the four-piece are way over the top and polished with crystal production.  But it’s the thick consistency that defines other successful acts that they fail to achieve.  By its finish, Come Read The Words Forbidden just blends into the increasingly saturated power metal background.


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