Fuck The Facts – Die Miserable – Review

After a time-out listening to more subtle musical pleasures, it’s always nice to be re-introduced into the weird, wonderful and plain fucking intense world of grind.  Rebellious Canadians Fuck The Facts will certainly initiate you once again with ninth album ‘Die Miserable’.  But while there’s plenty of grindcore out there that sounds more agonizing than putting your prolapsed anus on a pile of salt, these veterans prove they can have a scorched sound without disaster and with intelligence.


Fuck The Facts have so much more to offer and it’s with perfect balance.  They aren’t smoked-out on an experimentalist agenda that compromises their unmuzzled grind attack.  Instead, the five-piece fuse rampaging death metal, splices of groove and unerring noise into their grind to make for one bolshy medley.

Opening track ‘Drift’ first splinters ears in its frenetic blastbeating and lashings of great, deep chug-a-chug riffs.  Their tuneful innards will surprise you too though – making your average hardened brute want to twist the volume nob up further with every listen to their chunky, melodic DM guitar lines.


‘Census Bank’ is track of the record.  Quite bizarrely, the vocals even have a Joe Duplantier feel at times – following the groove sentiments of previous track ‘Lifeless’, but executing it with chaotic progressions.  It eliminates the kind of obsessiveness over brutality that results in so many bands of the extreme genre becoming bland – replacing it with an obvious musical awareness that allows them to make interesting leaps across numerous soundscapes.  ‘Alone’ is the stellar example of how Fuck The Facts let the unbridled, beefy assault reap havoc in eclectic and exciting melodious mainframes.  You only have to listen to its consistent DM riffery and the ensuing electronic noise to hear how impressive their progressions are – especially for a band labelled ‘grind’.  Title track ‘Die Miserable’ is as depressing as the name would first suggest.  Exploiting a slowed tempo, it’s an unmovable fuzz of distortion sounding like some futuristic car alarm, but with desperate screams belting from frontwoman of nine-years Mel Mongeon.

Fuck The Facts have approached experimentalism with justified caution and extracted melody from the right places to genetically modify a hostile sound.  Fact is – their ideas have only strengthened.

Reviewed by Calum Robson
Die Miserable is out now on

You’ll like this if… you’ve been waiting for a harsh bit of grind with just as much melody and intelligence but The Locust are far too wacky for you.



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