3 – The Ghost You Gave Me – Review

Off the back of numerous dates with Porcupine Tree and travelling on the Progressive Nation Tour with Opeth, Dream Theater and Between The Buried And Me, 3 have been circulating in the right areas to get recognised.  The Ghost You Gave Me is their sixth record to date.


A Mars Volta bow with a poppy prog glaze is where they stand musically, and thus far it’s been working for the New York four-piece.  Joey Eppard – brother of former Coheed And Cambria drummer Josh Eppard – has created a ‘static’ record with his band here, and it isn’t with great electrical force as the connotation of the word would originally dictate.

The bland pop feel of the record is a resurfacing factor that prevents this album being the very one it intends to be.  Sirenum Scopuli and ensuing track React begin so promisingly with a soothing Genesis-esque tone but continue into the uninspiring hard-rock riffs of Sparrow and the deadpan chorus of Numbers.  The sparkling prog licks of Only Child makes it one of the best tracks on the record.  The mathy percussive constitution of the song is the epitome of long-serving drummer Chris Gartmann’s rhythmic ideas.

Not bad but certainly not a great one – 3 whistle by pretty weakly in comparison to the heavyweights of progressive music.  They’re not quite there yet.



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