Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness – Review

Parisians Glorior Belli have something we don’t often cross paths with.  Three albums into their  existence, the four-piece have a blackened metal aura that sounds fresh from the Nevada Desert.  Not usually an association to make, it’s important to say that there’s a little more than meets the eye.


We’ve heard death n’ roll emerge as an unlikely sub-genre when the likes of Entombed and Debauchery began mingling the two, but is this black n’ roll?  Well we wouldn’t go so far to say that, but there’s no doubt that Glorior Bellli serve great lashes of blues with their riffery, infesting the blackened roots of the band and giving an unsuspecting sound that has recently caught the eye of Metal Blade Records, who signed them in April.

Title track The Great Southern Darkness is more suited for a scene in the dusty desert-wastes with  an old rusted caravan and toothless farmers surrounding you with even rustier pitchforks – that is until vocalist Julien parts the blues with a famished wrath of beastly growls.

The Science of Shifting boldly carries the rage of a good ol’ blast beat and the heart-rending aggressiveness of piercing shrieks that are more commonly imagined to be yelped in the epicentre of a foggy, dew-ridden forest.  But it’s brought into another world with the hard rocking twists of Bjorn and Julien providing bending guitar notes and solid yet momentous bass work from Davide.

The whole Satan-themed black metal has been done before, but now Satan isn’t only pulverising Christians with his grit-dirty bloodstained horns.  It’s Satan’s turn to have a vacation, and he’s taking a few beers into a trailor park, kicking up a fuss in the local bars and upsetting the folk who don’t take kindly to outsider folk.



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