Exit State – Black Veins – Review

Exit State made vibrations last year with a surge of popularity following the release of their debut Death Of A Rockstar affirming the need for a band that aren’t afraid in blurring lines with a catchy brand of emotive hard rock and soft pop rock with tuneful indie influences.  Black Veins is the follow up record from the British four-piece.


Unfortunately there are filler moments and the record overspills considerably at an excessive 45-minutes.  Exit State have a melodically charged sound that doesn’t air enough sweets of variation to grant this patience.  A returning problem affects this album and its first noticed in Check Out The Crazy with the line “we did some crazy shit and we don’t know why” and “come on get your kicks… let’s get wasted.”  It makes for a poor effort and undermines the song’s bobbing, groovy riffage.

Brother of footy pundit Mark Bright, Roy Bright’s voice sounds like it could break at any moment in a pang of melancholic breakdown in All For You – giving an infectious power to the piano driven ballad.  A Slash-influenced solo confirms that all we need now is a rain machine and lead guitarist Adam Stephenson to stand in front of a powerful fan while he flicks his fingers across the fretboard – yes, it’s their November Rain-moment and one of their finest efforts on this second album.  Packed full of pacey, melodious guitar lines – This Life would have ended the record in a kind of life-affirming, upbeat mentality if it weren’t for the poor songwriting involved (“our lives are complicating, this life so complicated”) and unjustified lower mix of percussion.

They’ve already gathered a strong following with this highly accessible sound, expect them to gain more top-draw support slots and like a good wine, leave this one to mature for a few years.



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