Textures – Dualism – Review

Textures have floated across realms of technical metal music without an anchor to hoist them firmly to the ground – and they wouldn’t want it any other way.  Dualism continues this somewhat, allowing the Dutch sextet to free their ambitions as per, but it’s with a certain ease on the ear that they have stretched their complex stylistic fusion of mathcore, groove metal, metalcore and djent.


There’s no doubt Textures still have that edge of experimentalism about them, but it’s definitely with increased accessibility this time round.  The addition of single hit Reaching Home might be the best example of this, but unlike any chart-seeker, it’s with such beautiful conviction and with a sombre yet entertaining video too.  The clean vocals throughout the track make it a rarity on the record, but that is by no means a negative.  Although new frontman Daniel De Jongh has the potential to create a sombre mood with his crystal-polished voice, he’s also liable to skip adeptly into a profusion of well-executed, lower toned shouts.

At this end of the spectrum – supporting this more aggressive style ruggedly – Sanguine Draws The Oath is a non-stop crush-fest of jagged riffs and brutal bawls, which cements itself as one of the less easy tracks on the ear, for those unaccustomed to such practices.  It’s just exciting what energy a song like this could create on a stage.

Subtle electronic verses are courtesy of Uri Dijk on keyboards – another fantastic addition to Textures, smoothing the final touches over with a wondrous proggy coating.  Consonant Hemispheres really shows what the new man can do when a set of keys is put in front of him.

And it’s no great surprise that Stef Broks has been awarded best Dutch drummer on a number of occasions – his tight, unpredictable, math-style percussion constantly refreshes the album.  Despite its title suggesting otherwise, Dualism feels like every piece of the puzzle is there, resulting in an offering that feels whole – it’s a solid record put together with succinct technicality and great songwriting.



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