Coilguns / Kunz – Split EP – Review

Featuring three members of The Ocean, Switzerland’s Coilguns have melodic punk riffery with mathy, rhythmic structures that draw a different line in the sand when it comes to dividing styles.


Mastoid whelps free with a seemingly untended rapidity that feels like a mentally unstable suicidal train ride into oblivion – everything is about to fling from the rails at any moment and your sanity goes with it.  But it doesn’t – Coilguns are in full control of this sharp, arithmetic formation.  Phersu isn’t a stronger track, but it’s not weak by any measure.  Significantly more sludgy and requiring more patience, the track spirals into a dirge of twisting rhythm and fiddling.

Kachinas is a further surprise but a pleasant one at that, rammed with splices of groove metal, infested with their inherent math mentality and with passionate whelping vocals that get under the skin like a contagious rash.  The cynical doctor might say don’t touch the rash, but it feels so damn good to itch the living hell out of it – and that’s exactly how to sum up Coilguns – not as a guilty pleasure, but something that might not be beneficial, but is inescapably addictive.

Kunz are a completely different kettle of extraordinary piranhas.  Featuring two members of The Ocean this time round, they have a noise-driven bite that stings like nettles, but there’s the intoxicating haze of first track Flow to slowly penetrate before the descend into a brain-scrambled journey of lunacy.  In fact the opening track is almost like grunge just took a  painful trip into a vast experimentalism of drone.

Apnea puts pace back into the EP with a bass-heavy gallop that compliments the Lightning Bolt-influenced messy electronica.  It lasts under two-minutes but certainly makes a mark.  Flush continues the megalithic chugging of bass but this time exploits an inebriated mass of feedback that folds into the more conventionally structured (by their standards) What Makes Me Sleep to end a very strange 23-minute listening experience.


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