What The Night Brings – Bound By Blood – Review

What The Night Brings – we’d be lying if we said it was the most mind-blowing, inventive of band names and we’d also be telling porkies if we were to say the same about this second EP by the Buckinghamshire band.


Bound By Apathy is nothing unfamiliar, treading over territories that have been trodden on tirelessly for the last few years. Having said this, WTNB might gain a few fans seeing as there’s such a ridiculously high-demand for this stuff right now.

A resurfacing of backing hardcore vocals continuously try to reinforce their sentiments and, in all honesty, it derails them whenever this rare addition is present.  It sounds badly feigned and incredibly forced, especially on opener Deus Ex-MachinaThe Barren holds more groove-orientated pulses in its guitar harmonics and sharp, edgy riffs – if only there wasn’t poor, high-pitched hardcore yelps desecrating this instrumentation.

The March That Makes A Man only continues this sentiment and adds another generic breakdown to the mix.  The lower growled vocals in this track are much more desirable than the urban style squawks that perpetually negate what good musical credence WTNB have.




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