Cipher System – Communicate The Storms – Review

Recently inking a deal with esteemed German label Nuclear Blast, Cipher System do some serious impressing on their second record.  It’s as if Communicate The Storms has been lingering in the shadows, awaiting in patience until its impending force is finally unleashed, leaving us gawking, slavering and eventually windmilling in reverent appreciation.


Considering Cipher System have released just two demos since their solitary full-length attempt in 2004, this pushes the meaning of the phrase surprise-package to a whole new level.  If there were any In Flames fans left disillusioned with their turn of direction back in the early noughties, Cipher System might have escaped your radar as an alternative to the melodeath-gone-mainstream act.

But there’s a lot more than simply melodeath that Cipher System are offering and it’s hardly their intention to fill the gaps of your previous heroes.  There’s lush lashings of electronica, carefully polished djenty prog crunches and ferocious screaming crossed with blearing clean wails – all channelled tightly to punch the living hell out your eardrums while offering its intricacies in apt measure.

God’s Terminal might have the kind of excessive electronic intro that verges on borderline cheesy, but it’s soon bolstered by a fortress of powerful riffing, with a vocal amalgamation of deep resonating growls and raging, harsh screams.  It’s a formula that breeds something special throughout Communicate The Storms.

Objection flashes us with a charismatic charge of those djent riffs with proggy keys before leading us into a rampant thrashy melodeath crusade with tenacious break-downs in The Stairway.  The extra edges of intricate picking is a welcome addition, but the brooding atmospheric mass is best helped along by Peter Engstrom’s clever synth patterns that flow wonderfully through the record.

A return from the back o’ beyond could have gone seriously wrong.  In this crucial moment they have instead put themselves firmly on the metal map.



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