Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps – Review

Formerly of the now-defunct Cincinnati rockers The Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli started his side-project Twilight Singers more than 10 years ago now in a move to emphasise his more personalised depths.


After concentrating for some time on his work with good friend and esteemed grunge musician Mark Lanegan in The Gutter Twins, Dulli finally releases album number five, more than five years since 2006′s Powder Burns.

Released on the famous grunge label Sub Pop, Dynamite Steps is a modest attempt from the Twilight Singers – it’s filled with lush moments of harmony, built on conservative measures of soft, indie instrumentation in an emotive aurora.

There’s generally a bleak mentality swimming amongst these set of songs and it’s executed well most of the time. First track Last Night In Town is a beautiful shady opener that confronts us with soothing yet melancholic melody.  Be Invited swoops into a haunting, ambient backdrop of slurring violin and synth with a deep, enveloping bass line.

Waves changes the record’s established sentiments with energetic, noise-bent, indie riffing and distorted vocals making it stand out as one of the finest on the album.  Regrettably, the impressive three track start weaves in and out of musical successes throughout.

Dulli’s voice has a lulling effect: it’s not consistently clean-polished or perfectly in tune but strangely it fits well.  It’s almost like his wailed and strained higher notes annotate a personal struggle and a stark desperation – Never Seen No Devil being one of the best examples of this in its saddened nature.

The Beginning Of The End isn’t as interesting as it’s title would suggest unfortunately, and title track Dynamite Steps whirs by in tame fashion, finishing the album in a sleepy fuzz.


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