Arcite – We Lie Awake – Review

Arcite position themselves on regional borderlines with this debut EP release and we don’t mean geographically.


The Newcastle act have relished this first milestone with an evident hunger for bigger things and thankfully this has transferred onto record in impressive fashion, landing them in the exact position they need to be.

We Lie Awake proves that Arcite have found their footing in the studio and with producer Dan Weller (Malefice, Rise To Remain) to the fore, the trip to London was obviously worth it.

Asylum begins the EP and reveals the five-piece able to intertwine brutal verses with a melodic pulse lying underneath. With vocals shimmying from high-pitched screams and lower grunts to a matter-of-fact, informative style, there’s enough tenacity and variation to continually refresh each track.

A bastion of polished guitar lines help this along tremendously – In My Family showcasing a penchant for increasingly thrashy verses with hints of death metal. The metalcore sentiment in their breakdowns outstretches further than many reputed acts of the genre, with smidgeons of technicality surfacing in deliciously refined portions.

Arcite have cemented their credentials as a top regional metal act by splicing an intoxicating mix of styles – resulting in a concise debut. They’re offering this EP online for free so go pull your finger out and support some local metal worth listening to.



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