The Wolfmen – Married To The Eiffel Tower – Review

The Wolfmen have all the social associations and musical connections to promise much, but truthfully, they could challenge themselves so much more and surely boast something far more impacting than Married To The Eiffel Tower.


This second record from the London five-piece isn’t bad, it’s just bland for the second half – and that’s what is increasingly frustrating about it.

Forming the band in 2005, guitarist Marco Pirroni (former Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & The Banshees) and bassist Chris Constantinou (former Jackie On Acid) make up an unlikely coming together of minds.  Pair that with Courtney Taylor-Taylor of Dandy Warhols fame handling post-production mixing on many of the songs and a guest appearance from Sinead O’Connor – you’ve got yourself a tingling, eclectic mix of stars.

Shifting the stigmatised hindsight we’ve accumulated, Married To The Eiffel Tower starts the record promisingly with a hazy layer of flute giving psychedelic effect over a drifting, free-rolling rock structure.  Mr Sunday continues the good run of form with a foot-stomping thick bass line that provides the foundation of energetic charge, bursting with enigmatic guitar picking and charismatic vocals.  In fact, Constantinou’s bass hooks are a pleasure throughout the record and one of the firm constants, achieved by a fusion of catchiness and funky candescence.

A cover of a B-side Velvet Underground tune is also impressive on the first half of this album.  I’m Not Young Anymore is revived with intricately picked guitar lines, bluesy piano and a fresh variety of percussion including even the smallest, yet most effective usage of maracas.

Unfortunately it’s downhill from there on.  Wam Bam JFK doesn’t allude to a disgusting standard immediately, but certainly the song is a step down from previous proceedings.  July 20 lacks a real spine and whirrs by on record as if it weren’t there and Coca Cola Kid is bordering on pretentiously silly in its weak Velvet attempt.


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