Black Tide – Post Mortem – Review

Miami, Florida might often be associated with lager-swilling, jock pin-heads at Spring Break but when it comes to metal, the region has always remained a forte for death metal.  This is where Black Tide come in and prove that they don’t entirely stratify themselves to fit the mold in either sense.

The four-piece, who pay a big homage to Bullet For My Valentine with minimal nudges to Funeral For A Friend, have crafted a moderately enjoyable record in second album Post Mortem.

Funnily enough, vocalist Matt Tuck of the aforementioned Welsh metalcore giants makes a guest appearance on opening effort Ashes – an angsty cry with emo-filled sentiment and backing urban rawks of a more hardcore nature. The collaboration will undoubtedly put them further onto the metal map despite being one of the poorer tracks on the record in comparison to Black Tide’s work as a tight collective force.

Metalcore is such an overdone genre to say the very least, but these guys are somewhat distanced from being stuffed into that breakdown-obsessed pigeon-hole.  There are tinges of melodic soloing and importantly – less annoying vocals.  Gabriel Garcia remains honest to his own pipes and evidently places the creation of his own personalised, down-to-earth vocals above any fad-mongering or trend-following.

That Fire even shows Black Tide making a momentary move away from their core exploits, with a bumpy hard rock chorus and groovy edge.  Fight ‘Till The Bitter End is the uplifting tune of the record that focuses on the increasingly melodic nature of the Floridian act – almost tipping into ballady territory in its conviction.  While this record is primarily well-produced and with slight twists, it isn’t moving radically away from anything that has been done before in the new wave of teen metalcore that has been bustling through (mostly the UK) in recent times.

This one is essential for the mad Bullet-nut.  It’s as exclusive as that. CR



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