Revengine – The Absence – Review

The last time we encountered Revengine at rushonrock we were left with a lacklustre feeling.  The Finns’ 2009 debut EP Plan Your Escape did nothing to lyrically stimulate or musically arouse.


What we can gather from debut album The Absence is that the four-piece haven’t really made any improvements on their previous attempt, suffering from an inability to engage a level of consistency throughout.

Song titles are as generic as they ever were and the songwriting isn’t great.  Area and Characterized are about as boring as their bland titles would suggest, but what makes frustration elevated is the fact that Revengine show a rare glimpse of potential at one point on this record.

The heavier-bodied intro of Envy flashes us with a flare of groove-driven rock n’ roll and moves on to some nice picking that maintains listening interest more than any other song on the record.  Though lyrics are poor, follow-up track Believe hits us with some potent harmonies and tough-natured yet melodic riffing.

By the time you’re through The Absence, you’re ironically left feeling void of emotion. There’s an absence of a lot of things on this record and Revengine will have to find a new approach if they’re going to be bowling strikes at the hard rock world. CR



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