Dripback – Feature

Dripback is modestly described to as five old mates hook up to play the music they always used to listen to and off the back of their recent tour with Soilent Green and the release of their EP ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ they have quickly garnered a reputation as beyond brutal. Calum Robson cornered Luca ‘Gdrax’ Grandi to get the low down.   


“It’s the easiest band I have ever done.  No arguments about riffs – we just do what we want to – hardcore riffs man, a bit of death and a dash of black, coated in crust.”  

That’s the destructive musical recipe conjured by guitarist Luca Gdrax when describing Dripback – his latest project founded by Wez4 of River Freshney.  The five-piece, recently formed in London from ex-and-active-members of As She Screams, Ted Maul, Labrat and River Freshney want you to “get a fuckin’ rush and want to smash shit up” when listening to their debut EP ‘Inhaling The Ashes’, and judging by the no-compromise brutality on the record, they’ve every chance of getting you to do so.

Produced by esteemed British sound engineer Russ Russell – who has worked with the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death and Amorphis – ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ sees the band delve into extreme, fringe territories.  Working alongside him, Gdrax says the inner band mentality on recording ‘Inhaling…’ was an assured, confident one.

“We wanted to make some fuckin’ noise and we did big time,” Gdrax said.  “Knowing Russ was doing it – we knew it would be good!  But we were going for a crusty sound and I think the bass sound we found is a huge part of the sound – totally crusty-as-fuck and we love it.”

While the band have admitted to collective inspirations from Napalm Death, Nasum, Agnostic Front and Slayer, they’ve found that it’s their reputation from previous bands that has prompted some to attribute the term ‘supergroup’ to them – something they not only ardently reject but find humorous.

“I think it’s funny and maybe even cool that some people think that, but we gotta be realistic here, Gdrax laughed when asked about the term.  “It’s cool that somebody thinks our other, past or ex-bands were superior even that we are super, but come on!”  

‘Inhaling…’, which refers to a set of lyrics from vocalist Wez4 – “Inhaling the ashes of mental hell, living life with a constant dripback” – is expelled in such a devastating way that it would certainly fit well in annotating a rainy, backstreet brawl or a reeking public-toilet knife-fight.  Like it or loathe it, they deserve praise for garnering such a rancid, lobotomy of a sound.  But it’s not simply their musical work they take pride in, as Gdrax reveals.

“Wankers starting fights for no reason, disillusionment from religion, running out of gear and hating yourself, having no trust in someone you love,” he lists, when asked what lyrically inspired Dripback on the EP.  “The last track ‘under the floor’ was inspired by Josef Fritzl locking his kids up and terrorising them for 20 years.  It ain’t an ode to him – he is a total cunt and we are just singing about the terror he created.  If we could get to him we would fuck him up.”

Looking to the future, Gdrax has plans to take Dripback to the next level, and hopes they will soon get their chance to rub their raw, annihilative metal all over rosy-red, unassuming UK audiences.

“We are booking a handful of shows for September and December keep an eye out for them, and in January or February we will be back in the studio with Russ Russell to start work on our first full length. We’re very excited to be working with Russ again – it’s like family being there with him, it makes total sense!”



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