Bedouin Soundclash – Light The Horizon – Review

Toronto’s Bedouin Soundclash release fourth album Light The Horizon in the UK for the first time and, as the title would suggest, there’s a silver lining in every cloud with this one. It’s an uplifting, foot-tapper perfect to just zone out, chill out, kick back, meditate – whatever you find peaceful solace in.


That doesn’t at all imply that Light The Horizon is a snooze fest.

Fools Tattoo has relaxing traces of reggae with a laid-back, funky bass line rumbling through it’s soul and May You Be The Road is a beautiful crooner bolstered by the occasional light backing of electric guitar and strings.  A guest appearance from young indie singer Beatrice Martin (known as Coeur De Pirate) culminates in Bedouin’s seductive Fever moment in Brutal Hearts.

The Quick & The Dead and Rolling Stone both demonstrate how Dire Straits would have sounded if Marc Knopfler had suddenly decided to make chilled out reggae songs – by no means a criticism.

Follow The Sun is the final track of the record – not including bonuses – radiating in a dreamy light, with echoing vocals that resemble solo Jarvis Cocker except with a more positive final outlook.

Bedouin Soundclash have been sure in their direction for some time and that extra wealth of experience is paying off. CR



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