Powerwolf – Blood Of The Saints – Review

If you were disappointed with Hammerfall’s change of heart earlier in the year, then fear not, Powerwolf are here to rally you with some outrageously flamboyant, fist-waving bravado metal.  German brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf are onto album number four with their band, and it is one catchy record.


This is like Sabaton marching to fight Freedom Call in a no-holds-barred bash that goes on into the early hours of the morning.  ‘Epic’ is a word often used in describing such bands, and we’ll make no exception in using the word here.  Yes, it’s done in a silly, tongue-in-cheek mentality with big choruses like We Drink Your Blood, but who can complain when you generate a sound that could short-circuit the national power grid?

With new drummer Thomas Diener on the kit, Powerwolf keep percussion basic, but ultimately don’t need to do anything more.  Romanian frontman Attila Dorn heads the huge charge of big riffs and even bigger church organ, with imagery dabbling in Christianity.

With an odd shiver travelling down the spine, Powerwolf make you want to be proud of something but you’re still not sure what.  Dead Boys Don’t Cry might follow their typical big chorus formula, but it’s with massive swathes of energy that the five-piece perpetually pull it off.  Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild) is an ambitious finisher that re-asserts their authority and leaves the listener reflecting in an outro of soothing rain and thunder.

In its entirety Blood Of The Saints is a wild crusade that has nipped the best concepts of sword-wielding power metal and exploited them to create a charismatic album.



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