Battlecross – Pursuit Of Honour – Review

Battlecross – the name has a certain power to it that connotes something big is about to be dished out and it’s going to come in chunky proportions. Unfortunately these Michigan natives have failed to do so on this re-issued debut now re-named Pursuit Of Honour.


What’s more frustrating is that a group of clearly talented musicians have made something completely soulless. Though their work is technical, speedy and thrashy, it’s equally boring, repetitive and bland.  It’s a classic case of brains and brawn – they have the muscular credentials to play their instruments but have directed their sound to such a poor end.

One of the worst aspects of this record is the consistency of the vocals – which sounds crazy.  But it’s the fact that the high pitched, uninspired screams of Kyle Gunther are consistently annoying and monotonous – essentially soiling an already flat sound. The backing growls are deeper but cannot mask what is simply a diabolical mess. Their ambition is to make a rampant melodeath record with thrashy edges and a metalcore sentiment, and while this is appetising on paper, it is most certainly not in practice.

The introduction of Rupture isn’t actually too bad but then the talentless vocals bog it down, going on to worsen with a series of badly executed, arbitrary guitar lines and breakdowns that make you indifferent to continue listening.

Yes, this probably is one of the worst albums we’ve ever had the displeasure of reviewing. The stereo switches off and Pursuit Of Honour cuts – we’ll happily never listen to it again.



One comment on “Battlecross – Pursuit Of Honour – Review

  1. Kronos B says:

    I have no idea what record you just reviewed. “Pursuit of Honor” is the
    best debut disc I’ve heard in the past few years. Not to mention the
    freshest Metal Blade release since Sigh’s “Imaginary Soundscape. What I
    heard was killer bass work, highly technical guitar melodies and harmony. Kick assed relentless drumming & brutal vocals that were well suited for
    the compostions. No gripes on my side. This recording beat me mercilessly from start to finish, I love it, beat me more!!! Favorite tracks: Kaleb,
    and Misery. 9.5/10.

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