Lock Up – Necropolis Transparent – Review


Not many thought Lock Up would get this far after the death of grindcore legend Jesse Pintado shocked the supergroup in ‘06.  Last attempt ‘Hate Breeds Suffering’ was released nearly nine years ago, further solidifying the opinion that the project would simply fade away.  Resiliently shaking off the dust, putting lighter and aerosol to the cobwebs and adding a new guitarist to the line-up – it’s with equal surprise and pleasure that the four-piece finally release their third record ‘Necropolis Transparent’.


Obviously with the tragic loss of Pintado, it was to be expected that Lock Up’s Terrorizer influence would cease – and with Anton Reisenegger’s addition to the band they have developed a tough, sturdy spine of frantic death metal riffs that firmly root them in the structure that many argue they need, also giving Tomas Lindberg a brutal passport to rake, spit and sweat an intense vocal performance for the full forty-one minutes.  The At The Gates frontman does well to keep pace from the lung-puncturing, brief opener ‘Brethren Of The Pentagram’ through to his last wailed contributions on ‘Through The Eyes Of My Shadow Self’ – a track that sounds like each member is being jabbed with hot-pokers and perpetually told to play faster.

‘Roar Of A Thousand Throats’ and ‘Unseen Enemy’ reveal Reisenegger’s influence on the old sound is a seemingly natural transtition for Shane Embury too, who could be mistaken for playing with his primary project – Napalm Death.  But strangely, Lock Up do differ in sound for almost paradoxical reasons.  They vary in comparison for their stubbornness to submit to a slower tempo, making sure this is one constant rapid ride.  But it’s this realisation that opens up another one per se, and it’s the fact that ‘Necropolis Transparent’ tips the scales in length as a result.  Most songs are longer than your typical grindcore flash-by which isn’t an initial problem, but it’s when listening to the record as one entity that you realise the four-piece didn’t have variety in mind.

They’ll happily acknowledge it was never in their intentions to introduce a new age of death metal or grindcore music, and if you can accept this too, then there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy ‘Necropolis Transparent’.
Reviewed by Calum Robson for Soundshock.com
Necropolis Transparent is out now on
Nuclear Blast

You’ll like this if… you’re quite simply lusting for a bastion of unrelenting deathgrind to sweep your face off in sixteen-tracks of fury.


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