Goodluck Jonathan – This Is Our Way Out – Review

Brighton’s Goodluck Jonathan claim their band name was selected with no intention of being affiliated with the Nigerian president of the same name.  But if you stick with it after you’re aware of its connotations, you’ve got to expect at least a little confusion – which is exactly what they’ve been getting – sometimes on the receiving end of passionate, politically charged Nigerians on their twitter account.  The fact is, their title has probably gained them fans if anything and created a little hype for the four-piece’s debut.


For a first effort Goodluck Jonathan haven’t done too badly by any measure.  This Is Our Way Out shows the band pervading through 10 shady tracks of indie rock.  Vocally there’s a gentle edge of Maccabees vocalist Orlando Weeks, with a homage to Placebo at times.  Fall Of America strongly reiterates their influence of the aforementioned, especially in their verses of dreamy guitar tweaks contrasted alongside thick melodic riffs.  In terms of indie standard – and I must emphasize the word indie – Goodluck Jonathan are perhaps a little harder to be immersed in, when compared to the light revelry of the genre.

Backs To The Wall reveals a much heavier set nature to the band, with even double-kick drumming briefly and effectively executed before transferring to an ambient use of trumpet, but with unfortunately poor lyricism.

Neatly added spoken-word sections, cleverly layered peaceful guitars with a potential to burst into something slightly heavier and darker, Goodluck Jonathan have some interesting moments to suggest more is around the corner and their potential is more likely to be unlocked further in their next crack of the whip.  Who knows, they might even have a cult following in Nigeria by then.


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