Awolnation – Megalithic Symphony – Review

Awolnation are an anomaly amongst the majority of ambitious bands in their early development for the fact that their profile has excelled at an unnaturally rapid rate.


Forming just last year, they’ve already began gaining a fan-base over the Pond and many dub them to be on the edge of something big.  They have of course a slight head-start in the fact that this is essentially a project of Aaron Bruno from Under The Influence Of Giants and Hometown Hero fame.  Still, their rise is respectable and to crown a milestone their debut record Megalithic is released.

From the run up, you’re expecting ‘big’ and there is some disappointment as the simple “one, two, three, four” continued on to “five, six, seven, eight” lyrical anti-climax sets in, doing nothing to appease a hungry mind wanting food for thought.  But Awolnation have a basic desire, and that is to jump on the MGMT hipster bandwagon and attempt to craft a quirky set of indie-pop electro anthems and get their songs some radio time.

Jump On My Shoulders is a vocal Killers attempt that has a chorus something like Blue would have put out on a B-side about 10-years ago.  Saying that, it is understandable just why Sail is a popular US hit already – it has it’s incredibly catchy electronic moments, but is unfortunately followed by the inoffensive flat Wake Up.  It’s hardly surprising that Zane Lowe has backed them on his Radio 1 show – it just speaks volumes already about where they’re going.

Success beckons, but their brand of light pop music isn’t entirely doing it for the right reasons.  Club play in a few months?  Yep.  Even bigger support slots than their previous with MGMT and Weezer?Probably.  Next stop supporting Dizzie Rascal?  Maybe.  All I can say is ‘well done’ I suppose.


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