Leprous – Bilateral – Review


After the generally well-received ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’, this third release from progressive youngsters Leprous is a step in the right direction.  As ambitious as their predecessor may have been, the five-piece are yet again emphasising an inclusive, open-minded mentality that makes this record wick with the kind of diversity that tentatively avoids any over-indulgent, proggy saturation.

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Lock Up – Necropolis Transparent – Review


Not many thought Lock Up would get this far after the death of grindcore legend Jesse Pintado shocked the supergroup in ‘06.  Last attempt ‘Hate Breeds Suffering’ was released nearly nine years ago, further solidifying the opinion that the project would simply fade away.  Resiliently shaking off the dust, putting lighter and aerosol to the cobwebs and adding a new guitarist to the line-up – it’s with equal surprise and pleasure that the four-piece finally release their third record ‘Necropolis Transparent’.

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Tombs – Feature

Tombs’ last album ‘Winter Hours’ ended up in many of the end of year polls for its bleak soundscape and hostile approach. Whilst they’re another band to emerge to be loosely labelled post-metal they have proven to be a darker and more disturbing entity altogether and new album ‘Paths Of Totality’ is a being unto the philosphy. Calum Robson had a chat to mainman Mike Hill and discussed life, death and existential philosophy. 

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Origin – Feature

Origin – The Entity And The Cycle

Origin are the shameless destroyers of minimalism, the upholders of a mass, technical sound that pierces ears with a rhythm of lightning pace, stark guttural outbursts and manic ‘man-the-machine-guns’ blastbeating.  So you’ve heard this all before?  Well you might have, but as bassist Mike Flores will tell you – there’s a certain structural order required to really pull it off in this seemingly sporadic genre of extreme music.    

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