Sepultura – Kairos – Review

Is this the kairos moment, the window of opportunity to finally cease all modes of criticism and fire Sepultura back into revered seas of positivity?


No is the answer, but not for the fact that Kairos is a weak effort – it is, in fact quite the opposite.  But what can you expect from a band that has redefined the meaning of ‘divided opinion’ in its 26-year career.  Since Max Cavelera left the band in late 1996 and was followed by younger brother Igor ten-years later, the Brazilian-based act have endured a rough storm of scrutiny, but have never given up. Twelfth record Kairos marks a return to a straight-laced assault of intimidating thrash somewhat.

It’s a record that flirts on the tougher fringes of a delicious back-to-basics jagged sound.  There’s straight-up groove, slight death metal hints in Derrick Green’s vocal style and a colossal slab of untamed thrash.  Green is at his best here – no doubt Kairos is his kairos moment, and if this was any other band, then perhaps this would be the record to finally put the critics to sleep.

Spectrum begins proceedings with simple yet effective mean-riffing that makes a solid statement of just what Kairos has set out to do – kick you in the face in steel-toe-capped vengeance.  But don’t be fooled by their enthusiastic haste, as there are some surprising gems to be found in amongst the raw thrashy brimstone.

A heavy set cover of Ministry’s Just One Fix is jaw-dropping in both senses of the word – unexpected yet astonishing.  Embrace The Storm speaks volumes about Sepultura as a band in it’s content, but gives one of the heaviest, darkest performances on the album, apt in epitomizing the band’s last ten-years of history.

There’s simple, hard moments that will have thrash buffs salivating for more Seps by the end of it, even after another completely unexpected but rampant cover found in Prodigy’s Firestarter – which closes the album.

A return to a rougher, thrashier strategy with some odd rifts along the way.



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