Corpus Christii – Luciferian Frequencies – Review

Whatever you do, don’t confuse Corpus Christii with the American Christian metal group of the same name.  One small letter ‘i’ might be the only difference in spelling, but their aesthetics are poles apart.


But re-considering, Satanism and Christianity can in fact go hand in hand.  It’s almost like one couldn’t exist without the other – like the artist needs the thorn in his side to describe his pain and essentially paint his canvass.  Described as a satanist, Nocturnus Horrendous’ perspective is sparked more by an impulsiveness for individuality, but nevertheless it remains a question whether – like much of his contemporary peers – this band would have surfaced without being the intimidating antithesis to an already existing, seemingly oppressive and apathetic conformism.

This Portuguese one-man effort is spearheaded by Nocturnus Horrendus who is onto his seventh record with the project after spending 13-years chaining his satanist, individualism to a jagged but well produced black metal sound.

What’s firmly established is that it’s all been done before, but still, this is a blunt punt of darkness that has it’s upsides.

The Styx Reflection has the chaotic tremolo riffing that certainly pays homage to 90′s Norway, but actually features brief spoken word sections – a vocal style that continues to surface and twist throughout Luciferian Frequencies, usually boiling over into a desperate harrowing rage of exhausting screams after flurries of manic blastbeating.

Continuing these welcomed sections which sometimes resemble a depressive end of the spectrum doom quality, Deliverer Of Light has a potential to outwit the listener after it contrasts this with carnal, pacy yet melodic guitar rhythm.  Soon after, it’s The Infidels Cross that provides a contingency of surprise when it even momentarily has a chugging groove to its constitution.

It’s obvious that Corpus Christii isn’t attempting to re-invent the wheel, but rather spin it again and snap a few spokes to make interesting a dark path that many have trodden before.



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