Sepultura – Kairos – Review

Is this the kairos moment, the window of opportunity to finally cease all modes of criticism and fire Sepultura back into revered seas of positivity?

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In Legend – Ballads ‘N’ Bullets – Review

Okay, so we’ve covered a lot of genres and we’re open to anything that rolls along, but you can imagine our surprise when we got a hold of a new debut record self-dubbed as ‘piano metal’ – a slightly ridiculous new term made to emphasize that piano takes the place of guitar in this album.

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Freedom Call – Live In Hellvetia – Review

For one reason or another Freedom Call have always had a ‘second citizen’ feel attached to their brand of power metal.

Despite touring relentlessly with European popularity soaring at its all-time peak, they’ve never truly been regarded in the same tier as the heavyweights of the genre. Purely heeding their studio outputs in recent years, Freedom Call don’t really hack the epic level of the top-dogs, and they probably never will, but that’s not going to stop them putting up a fight on the stage.

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Lock Up – Feature


It’s been a long, static trail marred by tragedy and blotched with an eight-year gap of studio inactivity, but Lock Up are finally loaded for their long-awaited return record.  The name might not conspicuously spark a cognitive chain reaction that reveres the band among the top pervading acts of grindcore in the way that Shane Embury’s primary project Napalm Death would.  Their unplanned almost hiatus state has done them no favours either, but you’d be foolish to write them off.  Gigs have remained sparse since 2002’s Hate Breeds Suffering and there’s been a complete absence of studio activity that led many to believe they would simply fizzle into a back catalogue of flash-in-the-pans.  But Lock Up has other plans.

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Alestorm – Back Through Time – Review

For a band solely and ridiculously themed on pirates, the first question beckoning is ‘how far can Alestorm really take this?’ Well, the message from this record is that the Scottish metallers will continue to either bring joy or probably annoy for as long as their inspirations can be flogged. Welcome to the world of pirate metal.

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