Local Talent – Convolution

Since precisely 11.30PM on April 1st 2009, Convolution have been pervading their groove-laden metal across Newcastle with an equal measure of passion and respect for their audience, peers and most importantly – their very own brutal sound.


Not simply distinguished for their ferocious balance of jagged techncal riffing, clean emotive vocals with low, guttural bellows, Convolution are also renowned for their spontaneous on-stage antics and affable banter, as frontman Danny Coxan explains.

“I don’t think we think about it, because it just happens,” he said.  “It is who we are and I think people feed off that as well.  Without it, it would be like Meshuggah being politicians – it wouldn’t happen.”

Guitarist Carl Dunn also reaffirms this.

“Sometimes we’ll be talking about the gig beforehand, and we’ll try to plan to be serious and be proper metal,” he laughs.  “Then something will happen when we go on.  Danny will smirk or I’ll nearly fall on my arse or something like that, and it just changes!”

Gaining support slots with Sweden’s Marionette and former Cradle Of Filth singer Sarah Jezebel Deva, the four-piece have covered a lot of ground on the local circuit, and insist that Newcastle’s metal scene is not only a positive one, but also a one that should have an inclusive, communal atmosphere.

“This whole thing about every band is an enemy is just bullshit, absolute bullshit,” Coxan explains.  “You’re going out and you’re going to have a laugh and meet some mates along the way.”

Latest addition to the band is bassist Brian Bell, and he agrees with his fellow band mate’s sentiment.

“People that you help up on the way, you’re going to see them on the way back down,” he said.  “It should be like a massive family thing.”

Anyone following them for some time will know that their previous live performances have featured the unconventional metallers donned in flowery shorts, but they were dropped.

“It was my fault the shorts went,” Coxan confessed.  “I can’t be wearing Hawain shorts and big boots because I’ve got chicken legs!  So I pretended I lost mine and I’ve still got them at home.  They dissapeared, but we can bring them back if there’s popular demand.”

A video might be in production in coming months, but what’s the next step for the fearsome four-piece?

“This year we’re going to get our EP sorted,” Dunn asserts.  “We’ve got enough for an album now, but we’re going to get an EP sorted first.  Then we’re going to get an album sorted, get some merchandise sorted and then go on tour.”

Exciting times for a band brimming with potential, beaming a solidly definitive personality and clutching on to an ardent passion to breach the horizon.



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