Sylosis – Edge Of The Earth – Review

Formed while still at school in 2000 by Josh Middleton, Sylosis plugged away on the UK metal scene for seven-years before their lives were changed when they signed a record deal with metal bastions Nuclear Blast. The then-quintet proved they could put their hard work onto record in 2008, with ambitiously bombastic debut Conclusion Of An Age.


Since its success, there has been some changes, with the biggest being frontman Jamie Graham’s departure.  But instead of finding a replacement as such, Middleton has stepped into the crease to bat out a host of coarse hollers and tuneful howling.

Coalescing a number of styles that are not only highly compatible but very appealing, the Reading act have created an aggressive sound with an umbrella effect in genre crossover that will surely give shelter to fans of thrash, melodeath, metalcore and prog metal.

The latter surfaces in Empyreal with a rapid flush of technical guitar-playing that avoids the trap-door of over-indulgence and sweeps the listener into a complex realm of melody. Whilst executing this balance brilliantly, the quartet reveal the transcendent nature of the song, bursting to the brim with variety. Take the raw energy of a thrash structure, refine it with melodeath sensibilities without taming it and follow it up with Empyreal (Part 2) to finish the epic with a toned down but perfect solo outro.

Altered States Of Consciousness is a menacing tune, wick with mean riffs and pounding drums that will divide you between two mindsets – one of appreciation, and another with the narrow intention of primitive, dizzying, head-slinging.

For a record that lasts 70 minutes there isn’t much filler. There is some small difficulty in keeping zoned in for the whole ride, but from the impressive, fierce opener Procession, to the epic finisher From The Edge Of Time, there’s not much to complain about with Edge Of The Earth.

This is the type of thing we want to hear done with thrash. I say ‘we’ but probably mean ‘I’. UK thrash needs to have a mentality like Sylosis.

Get the aggression, the intricacy and the intelligence – it’s triple your money.



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