Revoker – Revenge For The Ruthless – Review

These really are exciting times for some of the newest kids on the Roadrunner block. South Wales four-piece Revoker were sprung into the blistering limelight without suncream when their dream record deal with the label titans became a reality. Touring alongside Rob Zombie was their next immediate port of call before headlining their very own UK tour. Now they step up to the platform to deliver Revenge For The Ruthless.


As far as debuts go, Revoker have certainly done enough musically to seal their future as a successful hard metal entity.

Revenge For The Ruthless isn’t out to re-invent metal or push any boundaries as such. Nevertheless, Revoker’s enthusiasm to construct a pantheon of muscular, hearty metal is evident, and with Benji Webbe of Skindred fame at the production helm – there’s a multifold of pros to outweigh the cons.

The pinnacle of RFTR’s success is largely down to the newcomers’ ability to crunch together some mighty riffs alongside some straight-forward but powerful percussive thomping.  Bowing stylistically to Metallica, Jamie Mathias’ vocals have a gruff quality that, when channelled through the tweaking of Webbe’s careful, polished production really nail the raspy inflections in thrashier moments (Born To Be An Outlaw).

Especially holding his throaty strength in single Stay Down and in standout track Thief, Mathias has an underlying clean, melodic potential that gives him a dynamic edge.

Those cons do however manifest themselves in ironically typical ‘metal’ fashion – with patchy songwriting being the biggest let-down of the record. Still, if you’re game for a barrage of heady, thick, thrashy, no-nonsense metal, then this is the menu for your appetite.

The metal world might not have exactly needed RFTR, but it’s pretty much assured that no one will complain about the presence of what is a decent first attempt.


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