Mojo Fury – Feature

Mojo Fury are tipped to make a big noise in 2011 and after the release of second single Colour Of The Bear, there’s plenty to be excited about.  I caught up with the rising stars of Northern Ireland’s alt rock scene for Rushonrock.


12th January 2010

If you consider yourself a bit of a talent scout when it comes to fresh bands, then you’re going to need to put this name in your notebook.

They’re expected to make a serious noise when they release their debut album later this year, and we’ve already had a taster of what’s to come with debut single The Mann.

Mojo Fury hail from Lisburn, Belfast and have been likened to Queens Of The Stone age and Nirvana, but essentially have their own sound driven by deafening distortion and directed by an experimental edginess that is sure to win over hordes of music lovers come the end of the year.

They wrapped up touring the UK in 2010 with Manchester legends Oceansize.  And for the Northern Irish rockers, a tour of this magnitude and profile was a dream a few years ago – as bass player Ciaran McGreevy explained.

“Getting on to a proper tour was a goal for a long time,” he said.  “We’d never done that many consecutive dates so to be going on a tour with Oceansize was pretty surreal! We loved every minute of it! We will be meeting up with them again in the future I’m sure.”

Anyone in an unsigned band will know the hardships in pushing for recognition, and this band is no different.  With just six years under their belt, they’re in a better position than most – now the initial battle to break through has ended they fully understand and appreciate the privilege of their position.

“Things have been picking up momentum lately,” McGreevy added.  “We sent out copies of our debut album late in 2009, in the hope of getting management and were picked up by Northern Music Co, based in Leeds. They have helped push things along and hopefully the release of the first single from the album, The Mann, helped to keep things rolling.

“We learnt a lot by being around a professional band like Oceansize. It has given us even more drive!”

As far as the new album is concerned all that remains established is speculation but if it’s anything like The Mann then we’re in for a treat.  But McGreevy warns not to expect every track to bear similarity to that standout single.

“It’s not all as instant as The Mann,” he said. “It’s pretty heavy in parts and there are plenty of ups and downs, and some trumpets and strings etc.  The album takes you through many different emotions.”

And if McGreevy had to stamp a genre on the sound of the band? “Well, if you were to put a name on it, maybe ‘Experimental/Alternative Rock’ would be best to describe our music,” he added.


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