Fight Like Apes – The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner – Review

The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner is the second full-length album from Dublin’s highly revered Fight Like Apes. Released in Ireland last year and now available in England and over the Atlantic, Fight Like Apes should be celebrating their latest step up.


With a lot of heat from mainstream music press tipping them for big things and with two consecutive nominations for Irish album of the year for their 2009 debut Fight Like Apes and the Mystery Of The Golden Medallion and later this record too, the pressure is on for the female-fronted four-piece.

Fight Like Apes mold their own alternative rock sound with pop electronica and powder the final product with zesty punk moments.

Thank God You Weren’t Thirsty (Lightbulb) shows exactly what frontwoman MayKay should be doing with her voice when she wreaks her usually beautiful unassuming vocals into a carnal, anarchic wail. Poached Eggs follows up with an equally scrambled sonic mess, but this time channelling her disorder on keyboards. Afterwards focusing on calming the verses with a sound more akin to The Kissaway Trail or Manchester Orchestra, Fight Like Apes give us a beautiful flash of what they’re able of, with what is possibly the best track on the record.

Bass guitar on Captain A-Bomb wanders too closely to a slower Girls Just Wanna Have Fun line and is relatively uninspiring.  Other synth player Pockets assumes centre-stage on vocals and emanating a pop-punk edge the mentally titled Waking Up With Robocop follows a simple, singular bass drum structure for the best part of the tune, assisted by some sampled film speeches and soundscapes of ringing telephone, which honestly do their best to disrupt the album and annoy the listener.

Inconsistent is the generic word that best sums up Fight Like Apes. Still tainted by grey areas with dodgy lyrics and dull electronica, this Irish act still have a lot of ground to cover if they’re to find that classic, defining album.


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