Dawn Of Disease – Legends Of Brutality – Review

For Dawn Of Disease, debut record Legends Of Brutality is long, long overdue to say the very least.  Splitting in 2007 after four-years of activity saw them release a sole EP Through Bloodstained Eyes in 2004, the German metallers reformed in 2009 and have finally brought a tightly sealed package of untampered death metal for genre-lovers to bask in.


As it’s name would suggest, Legends Of Brutality is an unadulterated assault of death metal, but hearing the final product, there’s undoubtedly a heavy homage to Swedish death metal.  There’s no sham attempt at rip off though. The band will be the first to admit their huge influence in stylistic origins and if anything, their respectful ‘don’t f*ck with the genre too much’ attitude certainly doesn’t work against them.

Beginning the album with an eerie passage from book-turned-film Perfume, Dawn Of Disease outline their intentions and follow up with powerful deep bass providing a sturdy foundation for slow melodic guitar duelling. Above The Gods reveals a twisted core of jagged riffs that set the hellbent mood, but it’s not till next song Impervious Minds that this album really gets underway with a host of twisted growls, a mix of thrashy drumming and stark blastbeating.

Legends Of Brutality has a menacing layer of rhythm guitar that surfaces through the dark atmosphere to not only show the pinnacle of their Swedish influence, but create one of the best aspects of the album.

The first seed has been planted. Although this one might not blossom into the most innovative of acts, Legends Of Brutality has dug a foot deep and soaked up a healthy nourishment of Swedish DM from some already established roots. If you’re a purist you’ll appreciate their modest extractions of brutal and melodic sap.



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