Revengine – Plan Your Escape – Review

This Finnish groovy rock/metal crossbreed are as bland as their song titles. If you wanted a general scale then take Die For You, Fear Me and Treason as classic examples of rottenly over-done and shamefully simple song titling.


Let’s take no time with plastic introductions. For the majority of this debut EP, Revengine are too easily bogged by lyrical cliches and, while there may be some musical sections that jump from the CD on the rare occasion, it simply isn’t enough. One of those sparse sections is in first track Given It All, which has the chorus strength full of harmony, but not the extra push in the rest of the opener.  As for those lyrics, they wouldn’t be half as bad if they had a more bolshy backing.

Die For You might be the best example of straight-forward lines in a song, but it almost pulls it off. It does sound like a modern James Bond film hit attempt that just didn’t quite make it when it came to the final cuts, but in fairness, is probably the most interesting track on an EP which isn’t overtly interesting in the first place.

Is this an embryo trying to hatch from an egg shell with a yolk of potential, or is this the bare bones? Perhaps it’s too early to decide on either, so we’ll wait till next time round and hope for something to disprove the latter.



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