Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Songs 4 Hate And Devotion – Review

Atmospheric and shady, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio describe themselves as apocalyptic pop, a term that provides an accurate label to a certain extent.  Truth is, there’s a healthy mixture of styles in this one. Songs 4 Hate And Devotion will undoubtedly divide those already accustomed to the band’s previous work.


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is headed by Tomas Pettersson and partner Rose-Marie Larsen who contributes with luscious backing vocals, to give a subtle, chilling yet beautiful effect.

Taking a martial industrial structure in Do Angels Never Cry And Heaven Never Fall?, Pettersson has the ability to morph the military feel into a wholly spiritual entity.  The track may have been released earlier in the year on a self-titled EP, but nevertheless settles mid-album as a delectable standout.

If you feel complacent at this point, somehow with the opinion that it can’t get any better than this, then you would have to re-evaluate your mentality. Lucifer In Love has all the credentials to smash the aforementioned mindset.  With acoustic neo-folk guitar, cold touches of piano and casually honest and effective lyrics performed to give a more refined and darker PJ Harvey/Nick Cave, it’s the song of the record.

Upon first listening to S4HAD, Pettersson’s low voice might seem samey throughout, but with more devoted listening to ORE, it’s easy to be accustomed to it’s gothic pop charm.  Get to the end and the symphonic and melancholic A Song For Hate And Devotion will confirm whether your tastes can be won by the Swede.

Ironically fitting to the title, this album will challenge fans in a way that will push them to two polars – hate or devotion.



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