Lost In Vegas – A State Of Mind – Review

In amongst the hectic music distribution of the Christmas rush, West Midlands debutants Lost In Vegas crash onto the scene with this first mini-album.


From A State Of Mind you can sense a potential that could manifest into commercial success, but not just yet.  Introducing themselves with Wash Away gives good first impressions with its urgent rapidity and nice off-beat drum structure.  The chorus is an admittedly simple and repetitive one, and much like the remainder of the album in this respect.

Unfortunately, after a coursing intro of guitar that closely resembles Lostprophets, Nothing does nothing to maintain interest, and is ultimately made worse by poor, generic lyrics.

With Breathe and the ballady pop Chasing The Dragon, there’s further material for the imagination and not in any genre challenging or thought provoking way, but in wonder of how popular Lost In Vegas could be with their accessible catchiness.

Whether they intend to or not, this record will attract a teen audience and if worked on, could culminate in a whole lot of mainstream heat.  It won’t be breaking any boundaries by any means, but popularity – definitely a possibility.



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