Katra – Out Of The Ashes – Review

They dabbled in Eurovision back in 2007, gained a great deal of attention in their homeland following their performance and ultimately landed a record deal.  Now, Finland’s Katra release their third album, although this one can be considered their first as a complete band.


Katra Solopuro founded the project when she organised a group of session musicians to back her talented vocals.  Out Of The Ashes isn’t anything wildly innovative or experimental, but is still a solid listen and definitely for fans of other female fronted gothic and symphonic metal acts.

Delirium is a satisfying album opener, but is immediately bettered with single hit One Wish Away.  By the standards of other forerunners in the genre, this song is up there with the best of them.  The clean instrumental production can be admired, giving a texture of quilted melodic guitar work, supported by symphonic keys and brought to life with Solopuro’s voice.

If you’re a fan of a lulling ballad you won’t be disappointed either, with Envy giving a fine guitar mix of both acoustic and distorted styles, complimenting the consistent and icy clear vocals of Katra herself.  Classically trained, Solopuro isn’t as operatic as fellow Finn Tarja Turunen, and whilst she doesn’t have a particularly defining feature to separate her voice from the crowd, nothing can be taken away from what is essentially a soft yet powerful set of pipes.

It may not be the most ambitious effort of the year, but one thing that can be established is that Katra don’t do really do anything wrong on this album.



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