Fejd – Eifur – Review

Brothers Patrik and Niklas Rimmerfors have a history playing folk music, so when they got together with three other familiar musician friends from Swedish metal band Pathos, the result was Fejd.


As you would expect, folk structures dominate and instruments vary from bagpipes to jew’s harp – apparently one of the world’s oldest instruments.  But that’s all fitting for Fejd, who describe themselves as Medieval folk rock, and resemble fellow genre sharers Schandmaul.

The eclectic mix of weird and wonderful instruments is welcome most of the time. Eifur shows careful usage of them, avoiding the common problem of many other advocates of folk tinged metal or rock who use their folk instruments as gimmicks.

The low voice of Patrik Rimmerfors is met with vocals from his brother, together generating some hearty harmonisations.  Opening with Drangen Och Krakan gives Eifur a relatively strong start, before the deep bass line of Fargot musters a mystical atmosphere and we get to hear that jew’s harp adding to it all.

One shame about the album is the recording quality, and although it isn’t drastically bad, there’s no doubt it could have been improved.  Whether it was done for some rustic quality is unsure, but it wouldn’t seem so.

Yggdrasil is an album favourite, offering a bouncing, foot-tapping structure, laden with some intricate bouzouki picking, sat beside synth-keyboard.  We hear yet more beautiful instrumentations, finishing the album with some beautiful pipes and strings on Trollfard.

Don’t expect the weight of Turisas, Finntroll or King Of Asgard from Fejd: they have their own sound which isn’t so much tamed, but rather fluently controlled to fully express the folk roots of the Rimmerfors brothers.


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